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UK [ˈkwɒntətɪ] / US [ˈkwɑntətɪ] noun
Word forms "quantity":
singular quantity plural quantities
Changes in quantities and amounts are like movements up and down. People think of large quantities as being in a high position and small quantities as being in a low position. Temperatures are very high here in summer. Profits were up on the previous year's figures. There has been a sharp rise in the number of unemployed. Prices soared after the strike. The news gave a boost to the economy. The population peaked at 5.5 million. The rate of inflation is very low. Output was down. Profits fell last year. The temperature dropped sharply. The economy is in freefall. Car imports plummeted in value. We discussed the level of unemployment. The average mark hovers around 54%. Large quantities of something are like large amounts of water or rain, and small quantities are like small amounts of water. There was a storm of protest when the decision was announced. The speech was met with torrents of abuse. They were showered with praise. Stones rained down on them. The offers keep pouring/flooding in. The switchboard was deluged with calls. There was only a trickle of interest. Work has dried up. It sounds like a lot of money, but it's really just a drop in the ocean.  money, success
[uncountable] the amount of something

They monitor both the quantity and quality of materials used.

a) [countable/uncountable] a particular amount of something

Saturated fats can be bad for your health if consumed in large quantities.

quantity of:

Police found a small quantity of drugs on the premises.

b) [countable/uncountable] a large amount of something
quantity of:

I was astonished by the sheer quantity of stuff in the trunk.

in quantity/quantities:

Like most things, it is cheaper when bought in quantity.

English dictionary. 2014.

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